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I decided a couple of weeks ago that although I had written The Eight of Swords in 2011 it would be a great start to 2012 to publish it on New Year’s Day.

Although I have been writing in various forms for the past 10 years on and off, it wasn’t until 2011 that my creative brain really kicked in again and I got to rekindle my passion for writing.   Life has been busy, business got in the way of writing, then family health problems took up a few years so it is probable that being on a more even keel once again gave me the brain space to create stories.

Another change has been ebook publishing.  10 years ago this didn’t exist so I wrote a couple of long manuscripts, sent them off to a few agents, got nowhere, gave up.  Instead I focused on my business.  The business I set up with the idea I would do that for a few days a week and write the rest of the time!  How naive was I?  Soon that took up all my time and wore me out into the bargain.

Finally I seem to have achieved some kind of balance and am coping with both.  Winter is a good time for writing so right now I am trying to cram in as much as possible.

Another amazing thing to happen in 2011 was that I joined NorRaceChicks, a feisty group of people who wanted to run the Race for Life.  The group formed via Twitter and went on to do lots of other events throughout the year.  We have all become great friends and all support each other in whatever challenges we face, personal or business.  The reason I mention this is that when I wrote The Tweet Up and posted it on my blog, suddenly I had readers.  This made all the difference, a bit of pressure does you good!

Feedback from my new group of friends really spurred me on, the NorRaceChicks push me to write more, I want to entertain them and the wider world now.  It really shows how such wonderful support and encouragement can change your life.

When I clicked ‘publish’ on Amazon yesterday, the confidence to do it came through the encouragement of the best family and friends anyone could wish for.

Ebook publishing appealed to me because it meant I had total control over the cover design and could write without being asked to tailor the story to publisher demand.  It means I have to take charge of my own editing and proof reading, and formatting.  I love to learn new things and this has been a real lesson.  Another thing I have to do is market the ebook, again this is a huge learning curve.  It will be a challenge but I think it could be the next most satisfying thing I have achieved next to my business.

This doesn’t mean to say I won’t go the traditional route again in the future.  As much as I love all the new technology and freedom it gives, I love real life paper books too.  They will always be special. 

As 2012 progresses I will update here how my new venture into ebook publishing goes.

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope 2012 is the year you get to achieve your dreams too.. be brave :)


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