People watching..


 I have the perfect occupation for people watching.  When out on my stall at markets, I get to indulge in my favourite pastime all day long.  It is something that you just cannot tire of. 

 My maternal grandmother once remarked ‘with so many people in the world, it’s amazing how different each human being is.’ Or something to that effect, and how true it is.

 Of course, on occasion I get to marvel at families who are like peas in a pod with their features.  There is no doubt they all belong to the same gene pool, but even then of course they have their differences, subtle though they may be.

 Then of course, there is the infinite variety of dress.  Summer tends to be more awe inspiring than winter, probably because of more flesh being revealed.  The human form gets shown off in all its splendour and can horrify or please in equal measure.  Well to tell the truth, there is more horror on the whole.  Having said that, don’t we love to be shocked?  Don’t we love to think we have seen it all, only for the very next form of attire to grab us out of our complacency?

 What people wear is one of my obsessive fascinations.  Rich, poor or somewhere in the vast array entitled ‘in between,’ you can make a set of assumptions via how anyone dresses.  Ah, but never assume!  There are many shabby millionaires who lurk about, and many smart types who are deep in credit card doo doo.  Never judge a book by the cover, and never judge a human by what keeps their form decent. 

 The scariest looking people are often the sweetest and the preening types are occasionally the meanest.  You just cannot always tell by looking at someone what his or her true character may be.  They may have deep frown lines and a grumpy appearance but a quick smile in their direction can be rewarded with the most incredible transformation. 

Play the guessing game; try to imagine what people do, or what their histories might be based on their physiognomy.  Whatever you do, don’t let people pass by without enjoying the miracle of what we all are, unique beings made up of all those weird little cells.  Some weirder than others, but then who’s to say what’s normal?

 This is what I love about the human race and why so many millions of books get written.  We can keep writing on into infinity and always have a new kind of person to write about. 

 If you don’t already take the time to observe the human race, try it out, it’s the most entertaining thing on earth!

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