Writing and eating..


Who’d have thought the two would be linked?  Well having just spent the afternoon continuing work on my novella, I came to the conclusion they are inextricably linked.  It seems I cannot write for longer than an hour without seeking out sustenance. 

 In between characters arguing, plot planning and sentence structure, my thoughts turn to food.  There are crumbs in my keyboard. 

 An empty box, once full of Jaffa cakes is poking out of the recycle bin, beneath it lays tangerine peel and an empty crisp packet.  Hmm, seems writing is not synonymous with healthy eating.  Endless cups of varying teas (I am a great one for variety), one cup of coffee and more recently half a glass of red wine, yes that’s right, I am cutting down.  It seems writing encourages the need to consume.

 So does this mean food is directly linked to brainpower?  Well I did have salmon for lunch so maybe a few of the words I have written won’t be junk like the crisps and cakes.  

 I can’t think of any other activity that leads to such a need for greed.  It is greed because tapping on a keyboard and occasionally visiting the loo in no way burn the calories regularly consumed. 

 It would be an interesting study to compare what is written with no food eaten to that with regular munching and a further study in what junk food intellectually produces compared with health foods.  I am sure nutritionists would be horrified if they knew some of my best work is produced on red wine and crisps!  Oh er and the odd Jaffa cake…

Disclaimer: other types of cake are available and Jaffa cakes aren’t junk, they are wonderful and don’t have many calories or fat at all..


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