From people watching to dog watching…


A fascinating report from Japan on Radio 4 yesterday really captured my imagination. 

 While we are described as a nation of dog lovers, apparently the people of Japan are favouring owning dogs to having children, actually substituting babies for canine companions.  If this trend continues, in a thousand years there may not be anymore Japanese people left.  Incredible!

The number of dogs in Japan are said to outnumber children under 12.

 Now there have been occasions here in the UK where I have questioned the sanity of people who choose to carry their dogs about under one arm, or push them around in prams intended for newborn human babies.  Not to mention the apparel foisted upon these poor innocent creatures:  glitzy collars, little jackets, jaunty hats, home-knitted cardigans are just a few of the humiliations these pets have to endure.  In Japan they seem to have taken it to a whole new level.

 The reporter even described a Daschund forced to wear a hotdog outfit, complete with buns and mustard.  An outfit favoured  in the US too I am told.  So here we have at least three nations who are potty enough about their pooches to parade them all dressed up in public and spoil them beyond belief.

 One can only imagine what gets said in doggy language as a ‘naked’ dog notices another all dressed up with nowhere to go. 

 Ah, nowhere to go, well that’s not true, apparently dogs have their own restaurants, spas, hotels, or even luxury dog resorts (yes I looked one up to see how far the marketing stretched.)  Animal farm has come a long way…

 With their outfits, trinkets, even little shoes and all the treats, I wonder how long it will be before dogs will be forming their own governments and creating their own nations.  I guess they couldn’t do any worse than humans given the state of things. 

 Click on the link below to find out some fascinating facts.

 Dogs in Japan

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  1. Dear Petra-RE:Dog owners in Japan,
    I find this article very interesting and comical However I do believe the narrative as I heard that in USA pooches and moggies have weddings.What is the world coming to ?
    I quite honestly do not believe in treating animals like humans.Have people stopped to wonder how these animals feel.?These animals would probably have to start fighting to find a language which we humans can understand and I am sure all they would say in their doggy or moggy language is’ let us be!!!.
    Well, as the saying goes ‘wonders never cease’
    Thanks Kumbi Johnson-Children’s Writer and Poet

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