Petra Kidd writes stories to intrigue and amuse you.  

So far Petra has published three short story eBooks and posted a blognovel

Before I Was Born Onto Land I Was A Fish on this site.

Petra’s blog is regularly updated with articles, news on forthcoming publication dates and general musings.

Find out more about her via The Ordinary People interview.

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The Eight of Swords  


A difficult day turns into a nightmare when Jayne Patchett returns home to find her house occupied by Romanian gypsies.

The irony of the situation isn’t lost on Jayne, who works in immigration. She is used to dealing with illegal immigrants at work but when she finds them sitting at her dining room table, drinking her wine, eating her food and wearing her clothes, her reaction surprises even herself.

        The Putsi  

The Putsi

The Putsi – sequel to The Eight of Swords

If you have something special belonging to someone else, what happens when they want it back?

Eighteen years have passed since a family of Romanian gypsies invaded Jayne Patchett’s house. In that time her life has changed remarkably, she is a successful artist, happily in love, living in an idyllic country cottage. But all those years ago, one of the gypsies gave her a lucky pouch, the putsi. Now, one of them wants it back. Drama returns to Jayne’s life as secrets are unveiled and she begins to wonder who she can trust.

    What Lurks Beneath

paperbackfront2 (2)

Revenge Double

What Lurks Beneath

Josie plans a huge surprise for her errant husband and it isn’t one he is going to like. He has been unfaithful throughout their long marriage and the time has come to teach him a lesson once and for all. It’s one he won’t forget – ever!

A Dish Best Served Cold

When a wife takes her husband out for an expensive meal, what’s on the menu? Not what he was expecting for sure!

If you are an errant husband be warned.. the short stories in this Revenge Double may leave you with nightmares…

 Please note:  these stories are suitable for Adults only

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